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Handmade Leather is an art
we hand it down from father to son

Welcome to Handmade Leather collection of pure leather bags, backpacks and accessories.

Here we have variety of unique articles for you, which are made of leather hide which is totally a natural material. In this wide range of our handicraft product you will find that perfect article you always wish to have which has its own unique texture and is also long lasting.

Our products have a hint of Italy’s classic culture and tradition in them so while carrying these products with you, we are very sure that you will standout of the crowd.

We hope, you love our phenomenal collection of bags, backpacks and accessories.

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Italian heritage and classic design cues meet modern technology with our articles.

Rugged canvas and easy-to-maintain leather make the leather articles at home from the boulevard to the boardroom.

The interior is lined entirely with a soft material to help prevent scratches & scuffs.